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About MSS Gas Generation

With a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers with an unrivalled knowledge of both the laser and gas generation industry, MSS are market leaders in the supply of in-house nitrogen & oxygen generation systems.

MSS was formed in 2003 and nitrogen generation equipment soon became an integral part of the service offered and provided a springboard for the company’s growth and the creation of MSS Nitrogen Ltd in 2010.

Today MSS nitrogen generation systems and the Nitrocube are well proven, with over 240 systems in operation in the UK alone. The Nitrocube is now manufactured in both the UK and USA. Our systems are tailored to the exact needs of individual clients and industries , providing high purity nitrogen at any flowrate or gas pressure.

Competitive gas prices

Compared to traditional gas supply methods, our systems our self-financing, using money otherwise spent on ready made nitrogen. Guaranteed low cost nitrogen, with no gas waste, liquid “boil off” or gas bottles returned partially full. No restrictive gas contracts, no rental, delivery or environmental charges.

Personal service

It is our aim to build up and maintain a personal relationship with all of our customers. You will deal with the same engineers on a regular basis and our engineers will know your system and your exact needs as a customer, ultimately enabling us to respond quickly to potential problems.

Service response

We understand that downtime costs money, therefore service response will always remain a priority. In the unlikely event of problems, we will endeavour to resolve issues over the telephone with no need for a site visit, keeping “downtime” to an absolute minimum. However, should a visit be required, an engineer will respond as quickly as possible.



MSS Gasgen is a global company specialising in plug-n-play Nitrogen & Oxygen generation systems for all industries. 

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